New smooth, regular and non - absorbent plasters, surfaces without undulations do not need any special preparation. Such surfaces shall need a two coat application by brush/roller and spray gun.

During application the surface should be well protected from strong winds, hot sun and cold weather. Application should be carried out at a temperature over 5o c. The product is rain proof after eight hours and touch dry after one hour at a temperature of 20o c. The application equipment used should be immediately washed with water.

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Product Description

A. Surface Required Plain, cement sand / stone dust, plaster, gypsum, plywood Surfaces etc.

B. Application First coat by brush/roller and finishing coat by special Spray Gun.

C. Film Thickness 1.5 mm. to 2.50 mm.(Second coat); upto 0.5 mm. on first coat.

D. Consumption Rate 1.75 to 2 Kg. Per Sq. Mtr.

E. Average Shade Life Upto 10 Years – except blue & green families which comparatively fade faster .

F. Adhesion Virtually Permanent

G. Textures Sprinkling Effect Compact & Bubbled

Product Description


Providing and applying acrylic aggregate textured wall coating in Spectrum pigmented Spray Coat finish in shade No. * maintaining material consumption rate of average 1.75 Kg. per m 2 and 1.5 mm. thickness on new walls in the exterior of the building. Undulations, broken edges, minor imperfections / irregularities should be rectified by using a paste made of Spectrum Rectochem Surface Improver mixed with ordinary portland cement in the ratio of 1:1. Old, flaking, plaster of paris, gypsum and highly absorbent surfaces and those already finished with lime or distemper should be brushed down and then treated with a coat of Spectrum Prime Coat diluted with water in the ratio 1:1 and applied by a brush.

Download The PDF:  TDS_SPRAYCOAT (11).pdf