New smooth, regular and non - absorbent plasters, surfaces without undulations do not need any special preparation. Such surfaces shall need a two coat application (first and second coat of Spectrum Prime coat with by roller / brush and final coat of Spectrum Star Spray with Special Plaster Spray Gun).

During application the surface should be well protected from strong winds, hot sun and cold weather. Application should be carried out at a temperature over 5o c. The product is rainproof and is completely hard dry after eight hours and twenty four hours respectively at a temperature of 20o c. The application equipment used should be immediately washed with water.

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Product Description

A. Surface Required Plain, cement sand / stone dust, plaster, gypsum, plywood Surfaces etc.

B. Application First & Second coat by trowel / roller and finishing coat by special Spray Gun.

C. Film Thickness 1.5 mm. to 2.5 mm.(Second coat); upto 0.5 mm. on first coat.

D. Consumption Rate 0.4 to 0.6 Kg. Per Sq. Mtr.

E. Average Shade Life Very long shade life, except blue & green families which fade faster, in comparison

F. Adhesion Permanent

G. Textures Sprinkling Effect Bubbled

Product Description


Providing and applying acrylic aggregate textured wall coating in Spectrum pigmented Random Star finish in shade No. * maintaining material consumption rate of average 0.5 Kg. per m 2 and 2 mm. thickness on new walls in the exterior of the building. Undulations, broken edges, minor imperfections / irregularities should be rectified by using a paste made of Spectrum Rectochem Surface Improver mixed with ordinary portland cement in the ratio of 1:1. Old, flaking, plaster of paris, gypsum and highly absorbent surfaces and those already finished with lime or distemper should be brushed down and then treated with a coat of Spectrum Prime Coat diluted with water in the ratio 1:1 and applied by a brush.

Download The PDF:  RANDOM-STAR2.jpg